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The Premier Morris Iemma has apparently said that hundreds of patients misdiagnosed by a pathologist at a NSW hospital are entitled to seek a legal claim against the state government. In English, that means that if they make a successful claim you pay for it.

You didn’t misdiagnose any patients, you didn’t hire someone to do a job who wasn’t able to do it, so how come you’ve got to pay? If mistakes were made by Dr Zaer and others shouldn’t the claims come out of their pocket rather then yours?

Fighting Fair

Posted: August 7, 2006 in Islam

The (or a) Geneva Convention has been around since 1864. Maybe we can pretend things were more “gentlemenly” then, but you fought in uniform with no hidden arms, the civilians and wounded were left alone, it was, in some ways, man against man, and the best man won.

Sometimes though, if you’re not the best man, or at least not the best armed man, you might not like these rules and not respect them.

I’m not sure when it started, but in the WWII movies anyone caught fighting out of uniform expected to be immediately shot. In Vietnam however the barber giving you a shave during the day was the one lobbing mortars on you by night.

We’ve seen the results of it ever since and no more so than in Israel/Lebanon where Israel has a recognisable army but Hezbollah don’t. There was a story that came out of the Vietnam war. You see a man, woman and child walking towards you, which one do you shoot first? I think it went woman, she’d be carrying the ammunition, child, he has the grenades then the bloke. When the enemy you fight won’t acknowledge itself by wearing a uniform then anyone can be the enemy. They can see you but you can’t see them. Puts you at a major disadvantage doesn’t it?

Hezbollah (as Muslims) (should) believe that if they die in battle they will go to paradise. So why attach Israel from within a civilian area then run leaving the civilians to endure the military response. Why not come out and fight man to man, get killed and start enjoying paradise now? Maybe they know that they really have no hope and eternal damnation awaits them? I don’t know.

Someone wrote to a paper “If Hezbollah put down their arms there will be peace. If Israel puts down it’s arms there will be no Israel”. That’s how it looks to me.

Right or Wrong , That’s “How I See It”. How Do You See It?

Get a life!

Posted: August 7, 2006 in General

In a letter to the SMH on 07/08 a Tobin Saunders of South Ballina said:

As a tax paying and voting Australian citizen I will not be performing my civic duty by completing a census form.

I am a man who was born gay (contrary to one popular myth that it is a lifestyle choice) and who is beyond frustrated by state and federal governments ignoring me.

I will not participate in such data collection until I am acknowledged, recognised and respected with the full support of democratic law. When I count, I will be counted.

What a cop out. I suppose he’ll sit round having a “pity party” all night (if he was born that way). Or maybe he was just born “not to complete census forms”.

You can be born short, tall, fat, thin, ugly, handsome, but not gay (sorry homosexual, let’s use the language correctly). How a person express themself sexually is up to them. Yes, life experiences may lead them in a particular direction, but it’s the old “lead a horse to water” situation. What happens next is up to the horse, or in this case the person. But then blaming others for our predicament been round since day blot hasn’t it?

It’s about time Tobin acknowledged and recognised that he’s what he wants to be, and if he can’t live without respect choose to be something that gets respect.

Right or Wrong , That’s “How I See It”. How Do You See It?