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Parliament passes cloning bill

The door has been opened to new medical research, with Parliament last night passing a bill to allow the cloning of human embryos for stem cell research. The research holds out the promise of cures for some of humanity’s most intractable diseases, but for those who opposed the bill it comes at too great a price. The bill’s author, Liberal Senator and former Health Minister Kay Patterson, says the new laws will ensure Australia stays at the forefront of biomedical research. (emphasis mine)

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Japan’s whaling program put to science review

It’s never washed with anti-whaling nations, but for the past two decades Japan has invoked science as the justification for its modern-day whale hunts. Now Japan’s scientific whaling program is under review. An International Whaling Commission delegation is in Tokyo assessing the results of Japan’s 18-year whaling program, known as JARPA. The IWC wants to know whether Japanese whale researchers could’ve garnered their information through non-lethal means. (emphasis mine).

So scientists can create human embryos (which could grow up to be another Don Bradman) so that we can experiment on them before we kill them, but scientists should use non-lethal means when experimenting on whales.

Well I ask “If Australian scientists can kill human embryos, then why can’t Japanese scientists kill whales?”

Or at least that’s “How I See It”.

The Curse of the Concentrated Cleaner

Posted: December 6, 2006 in General

Men get it easier if you go by the task split in our home.  If the grass isn’t cut one day it can wait.  Even a week if necessary.  But cleaning has to be done on cleaning day, and maybe in between, which is why I had to clean the showers this weekend. So I found this week’s cleaning product that mentions floors, slopped some in the bucket, and filled it with water.

As I started to wash the first floor I knew I was in trouble.   The quantity of bubbles was overwhelming.  Getting rid of them was going to be a problem. So I washed everywhere intending to to go back with a bucket of fresh water to do the rinsing.

But what do you do with the original water?  You can’t chuck it down the drain, that the problem I’ve currently got.  I know, the sink.  It needs washing later and the bubbles can sit there and slowly drain away.  Works for me!

No it didn’t.  OK I emptied the bucket and went into the shower to fill it up again with clean water, but as I backed out, Yuk!  The bubbles decided that they didn’t like going down the drain so came back up the drain hole in the centre of the bathroom.  In the middle of the floor was a perfect circle of grey muck that the suds had cleaned out of the pipes on their (or at least my) unplanned journey.

So I had to start cleaning the floor again.  It’s not fair when water meant to clean makes the place dirty is it.  Next time I’d better read the cleaner label.