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Two Indonesian terrorists on death row for the 2004 Australian embassy bombing say they feel no remorse and believe they’re destined for heaven once they’re executed.

Iwan … and Ahmad … were sentenced to die … for helping to plan the …  car bomb attack that killed 10 people …

“Why should we apologise if we believe that we did right in waging jihad against the infidels?”

“In the eyes of Allah I am victorious and I will go to heaven when I am executed. I am not worried at all”

What type of mind set believes that murdering people who think differently to them will get them to heaven?

How do you see it?

The Illawarra Mercury’s editorial on 13th Sep said “No-one should have to endure the threat of frightening, booze-fuelled behaviour when they step out on the town in our city” and I agreed.  However could it one day become the expected norm?

My agreement is based on Judeo-Christian values but they seem to have been eroded lately.  Take our sexual values,  who four decades ago would have though that anyone would suggest same-sex marriage.

We’ve had judges telling the police they have to put up with being sworn at because it’s so common, there is a lot of support for killing people because they’re old (euthanasia) and we already kill the unborn (abortion).  People aren’t valued so why not get drunk and bash a few of them up?

We changed our sexual values once enough people said they weren’t following the old values any more.  All we need is enough booze-fuelled people to “come out” and then it will be OK won’t it?

Well that’s How I See It.

Homosexual Adoption

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Morality

Homosexuals want to be able to adopt children but should they be able to if they don’t need to?

What do I mean?

Nature has provided for the continuation of the species by having seed from a male join an egg from a female in an environment where a child can then develop.  The environment is the woman’s womb and the process is sexual intercourse.

Instead of placing there seed into a woman’s womb via the vagina homosexuals (apparently) place their seed into another man’s mouth or rectum.  This does not result in the continuation of the species.

The homosexual has seed just like any other male.  However he chooses to not use it in the way provided by nature and then says “I have no child, I want to adopt”.  (Ditto a woman who has eggs but will not seed to be placed in the womb as intended by nature.)

Should he be able to adopt? I’d say no.  Nature has an intended way to have children.  If one refuses to have children as nature intended why should they be able to adopt?

That’s “How I see it”, how about you?